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Hello everybody!

Welcome to our "Digital Art" Gallery!

All our digital works are generated using fractals and made by Inna Samoilova, photographer & digital artist based in Finland. You can find more information here.

All of the Digital images on this website are available for purchase in print.
One of the most remarkable aspects of fractals is that they can be printed in enormous sizes without losing resolution. Whereas there are limits to the size to which a photograph can be enlarged before it starts degrading into graininess or fuzziness, fractal structure contains infinite detail which can be rendered and printed with incredible sharpness at literally any size.

We offer Ultra Modern High quality prints made in Finland in the following types:

- Wall display
- Adhesive Photo Poster
- Aluminium Dibond
- Acrylic glass plate
- Gallery print
- Photo poster
- Photo canvas
- HD Metal prints

Do you wish to add stylish wall decoration for your home? 

Our Ultra Modern High quality prints - for you!

For get additional information or offer - please contact us by email: or contact form.
Contact person: Inna Samoilova

**Please provide us the following information in your message for get correct offer for print:

- Name of photo or digital work what you would like to print
- Print type
- Size
- Number of prints
- Place of delivery ( country, city)
- Your contact details (email address, phone optional)